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Re-Elect Steve Mitchell For Richardson City Council, Place 6


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"I''ve known Steve Mitchell for several years now and respect his honest dedication to the City of Richardson and it's residents.  He's passionate about moving Richardson forward by keeping out neighbohoods vital and beautiful, by bringing quality businesses in to the area that benefit all of us, and by working to remove the blight from our older areas.  Richardson needs his passion and vision to keep our community competitive and vibrant, thus providing us with a better place to live, raise our families, go to school, and find employment.  We're on the right track now - and we need to keep moving forward with his leadership."

Janet DePuy -

Heights Park Neighborhood leader & Member, City Plan Commission

"The residents of Richardson benefit greatly from Steve's service on the council.  He demonstrates the vision, commitment, and skills to recognize what needs to be done for the betterment of our community and knows how to make it happen."
Marilyn Rice -
Richardson Heights Neighborhood leader & Former Chairwoman, Zoning Board of Adjustments

“I have known Steve Mitchell since the early ‘90’s.  He has been my mentor and role model. With all his experience, Steve is the voice for the promotion and enrichment of Richardson.  I am proud to endorse Steve Mitchell for re-election to Place 6 on the Richardson City Council.”

Sandra Moudy -

Civic Leader and Member, Sign Control Board


"I've known Steve Mitchell for a number of years, as a plan commissioner and a City Councilman.  He's a quick study, a hard worker, and wants the best for Richardson.  Steve is a strong public servant, and I endorse him for re-election to City Council.
Art Roberts –
Civic Leader, 2003 Citizen of the Year, & Former Chairman, City Plan Commission 
“I have known and worked with Steve Mitchell on both the Sign Control Board and City Plan Commission for the past 16 years.  He has worked diligently during this time for our city, and brings and untold amounts of experience, maturity, and good judgement to the table.  Steve’s service as a council member has shown his willingness to work hard, take a proactive stand, and ask the tough questions on issue.  I strongly endorse Steve Mitchell for re-election to Place 6 on the Richardson City Council”.
Bill Hammond –
Civic Leader and Member, City Plan Commission 
“Steve is a great asset to the City Council. He has proved himself as a responsive and conscientious councilman, contributing his vision and enthusiasm to serve our Richardson community.”
Gretta Prosser –
Heights Park Neighborhood Leader 
"We heartily endorse Steve Mitchell for Richardson City Council, Place 6 because of his passion for service to the community, his extensive training and experience with city government, and his high moral character and integrity.  We know that Steve will strive for fairness, and will seek the best solution for each problem."
John and Marianne Sherman
University Estates North residents 
"As a stakeholder in our older neighborhoods and as a member of the City Plan Commission, Steve gained first hand understanding of the critical urgency as well as the dynamics of maintaining strong vitality in all of our neighborhoods and fostering redevelopment where necessary.   Now, as a council member, he proven to be a our champion on these issues.  Steve is right for the job and the best choice for all Richardson citizens."
Barry Hand -
Southwest Richardson Neighborhood Leader and Member, City Plan Commission  
"I have seen first hand Steve’s concern for our neighborhoods and know that he values the importance of maintaining a high quality of life in all areas of our city.   Already, the vitality of our neighborhoods have be enhanced under his leadership.  We must continue in this positive direction.  Please cast your vote to re-elect Steve on May 9th for Richardson City Council, Place 6."
Jim Massey -
49 year Highland Terrace resident & Former member, City Plan Commission